Do you love capturing wonderful moments with your family?  If you answered YES!, then you’re just like this mama.  Normally, I have my cell phone out & snap shots daily of my son.  Tons and tons of photos of my son or my son and husband, but we rarely are able to capture wonderful family moments with all of us.  When the opportunity presents itself for a family shot, I love to savor those shots in albums, canvases or other ways that make sure our photos are part of our home, rather than saved on my iPhone. Recently, my family had the opportunity to spend a lovely morning with Carolyn Clement at the Morris Arboretum.  Many of you may remember Carolyn as the event photographer at the Inspired Family Conference.  We were thrilled that she had time this spring to get some shots of our family before baby #2 debuts.  It’s always wonderful when a professional can capture flattering photos of the baby bump, even though my husband tries his best.  Snyder5.03.14_173 (1) We wanted to spend the morning enjoying the arboretum, while Carolyn shot casually and captured us enjoying each other and the scenery. Morris Arboretum is in our backyard, so we often stroll the gardens in the evening before dinner.  This was a special early morning treat & Winston loved having the “Out on a Limb” to himself. Snyder5.03.14_028

He had a blast showing off his climbing skills on the trapeze net.


Normally, Winston is very serious when we try to get photos of him, but Carolyn’s demeanor had him smiling & laughing during the shoot.  The photo above was shot when Winston began clapping over his accomplishments.  The scenery at the arboretum lends itself to wonderful shots & occasionally it’s nice to stop for a bit of a more formal shot.  I’m constantly capturing father/son shots, but this wonderful shot Carolyn captured of Curtis and Winston is to die for.  Winston actually looking at the camera & Daddy enjoying time with his son.  Makes this mama warm and fuzzy!


After spending lots of time “Out on the Limb,” we strolled to some of our favorite spots.  Winston loves visiting the swans and ducks at the pond, so that was our last stop.  What a lovely way to spend a Saturday morning in May!  Thanks you Carolyn Clement for helping us create new memories as a family – leaving us with imprints that will last a lifetime!

Snyder5.03.14_164 (1)

Check out more of Carolyn’s work or contact her to set up a fun filled, family portrait session.