​When Lizzy & I first began discussing this community, it was very important to us that we help bring all the wonderful businesses we’ve discovered & found incredibly beneficial to other families in the Philadelphia community.  Dr. Brandie at Bloom at King of Prussia was recommended to me by my prenatal yoga instructor, when I was pregnant with my son.  You may have participated in her wonderful workshop “What You DIDN’T Expect When You’re Expecting & What You Can Do About It: Prenatal Chiropractic Care” at our Inspired Family Conference this spring.  It was such an honor to have her join us at the conference, as I started seeing her late in my second trimester back in 2012 to help get my hips ready for labor.  Dr. Brandie started me on a regiment twice a week, where we would work on my hips, but then also incorporated the carpel tunnel I developed third trimester and other late pregnancy ailments.  By the time I went into labor, I could feel my hips were much more open & ready for Winston’s arrival.
During this pregnancy, I knew I would be back to visiting Dr. Brandie.  I felt the care I received during my first pregnancy was a big part of the birth outcome I desired.  This pregnancy we have been focusing on lower back pain that occurs mainly on my left side, since this mama is still toting her 20 month around on her hip at 38+ weeks pregnant.  We’ve also incorporated preventative carpel tunnel, minor neck pain, pregnancy rhinitis relief and a few other minor ailments.  Before or after each session I get a little bodywork done with her massage therapist – all part of the treatment plan & it’s wonderful to have those kinks worked out.
As a mama with a 20 month old, I worried about bringing my son along for appointments on occasion & thought he’d definitely get into things he should be playing with while an adjustment was going on.  Worries pushed aside after our first visit!  I came prepared with snacks, toys, etc…, but he was pretty entertained by the birds they have at the office, watching mama get adjusted or scoping out the scene.  I’m not sure why I worried since Dr. Brandie also treats newborns & children.  Her office has some toys to occupy the kiddos & they are very accommodating of the little ones that roam the office.
Once baby number 2 is released from CHOP, she’ll be headed over to Dr. Brandie for an evaluation, since she’ll be spending some time in the ICU & likely needs some minor adjustments.  The practice does see children for latching issues, colic, frequent ear infections, and trauma – but the bulk of her practice is pregnant.  I am so grateful that chiropractic work during pregnancy was recommended to me & love spreading the word when others ask what I’ve done during pregnancy.  Although, when it comes to Bloom at King of Prussia Wellness Center, they don’t really need me to chat them up so much, since Dr. Brandie’s practice is about 80-90% pregnant mamas or postpartum.
Dr. Brandie also works with women to relieve foot pain, gluteus pain, groin pain, headaches, poor balance, sciatica & is very well versed in the Webster technique which can be used to help turn breach babies.  Last I checked her success rate in helping babies flip was just above 80%. She has been certified for the last 12 years by the ICPA for the specialized treatment of pregnancy and children.
Dr. Brandie runs King of Prussia Family Wellness Center (http://www.kopwellness.com) with her husband and developed a division of that practice called Bloom in 2007.  Bloom (http://bloommainline.com) was something she felt passionate about developing, after not being able to work for health-reasons with her second child.  She developed hypertension and almost lost her baby at 14 weeks, which resulted in preeclampsia and delivering her daughter 6 weeks early.  During her first pregnancy, she also experienced some trauma of being in a car collision at 9 months pregnant in 1998 and was told when asked what to do with her debilitating back pain, that “chiropractic is not an option, nor is anything else.”  She was given two stretches and some pain medicine that was not recommended and she spent 6 weeks in pain.  Poor mama!!

Both prenatal experiences led her to really want to spread the word that chiropractic care by an ICPA certified chiropractor is safe and she see miracles reconnecting moms to their pregnancy.  She loves getting moms to a point in their pregnancy where they’re enjoying it.  Feeling great.  Able to function.  Able to work.  Able to care for their other children.   There IS something that you can do for yourself prenatally.
When I asked Dr. Brandie to share some of her goals regarding moms-to-be she had lots to share.  One of her highest goals is to connect moms with their growing unborn child to enjoy pregnancy.  Pregnancy is sacred, magical and special time period and she want moms to cherish it as much as possible.  Her hope is to provide them relief and empower them to help themselves.
A woman’s body is sacred and Dr. B. gives her choices of what she is comfortable with.  She will never, ever compromise that.  There are always different ways to treat and accommodate and she always will do what her patients are comfortable with.  Her goals during her adjustments are primarily to restore flexibility, movement, and decrease muscle spasm.  She does this through gentle chiropractic adjustments with her hands or with a low-force device, for those who are not comfortable with the noise of an adjustment.  Adjustments are frequently coupled with muscle work (the pre-massage) or a gentle roller table.  Another great perk is to have her teach partners individually or in groups how to support and work on their partners with muscle work.  This empowers the partner to help in situations of discomfort and/or labor.  Always love when we incorporate the whole family into prenatal care.
I’ve focused a lot on the wonderful prenatal practice that she has built, but I should also mention that Bloom is just a division of the larger King of Prussia Wellness Center where they see all types of patients (men, women & children).  KOP Wellness has been Best of the Main Line since 2008 and they are in-network with most insurances and have affordable cash plans.