We love how much our Inspired Family community is reaching out to help others both locally & internationally.  It’s the passion about their work, selflessness & drive to help those in need that we can truly connect with.  In the short time that Inspired Family has been up and running, we have partnered with Maria Garvey Bentin of Precious Kisses, a division of Project Sweet Peas, to help support the great work she’s doing locally in providing support to local NICU families.  It’s community efforts such as these that make a difference in the lives of others.  We were so fortunate to see so many wonderful partnerships created, rekindled & flourish as local businesses and community projects merged at the Inspired Family Conference.  We wanted to highlight a wonderful project that Jenna Nichols of Hello Baby Doula is embarking on and hope that you will consider supporting her work as well: http://www.gofundme.com/hellobabydoula


You may have missed Jenna Latour-Nichols’ Babywearing Ballet session at the conference, but this awesome mama is not just a guru in the art of wearing your babe while staying fit.  Jenna, of Hello Baby Doula, works with expectant and new families in the South Jersey & Philadelphia area, as a birth, sibling & postpartum doula.  Currently, she is supporting Nicole and her family as they prepare for the birth of their baby at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  Jenna’s demeanor and compassion are helping them prepare to welcome their little girl in a very non-traditional setting, as well as support the family during their daughter’s stay at the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit.  Her compassion and empathy for their little girl’s diagnosis was instantaneous & Jenna has gone above and beyond the doula call of duty to support them on during their difficult journey.  It is her selflessness & drive to help others that we believe led her to the work she does on a daily basis, as well as her future endeavor to support Dar a Luz.

This August, she is headed to La Ceiba & Santa Rosa de Copan in Honduras to support Dar a Luz, as a volunteer doula, childbirth, sexual and community health educator, as well as working on curriculum development for various outreach programs. Her work will specifically be supporting young girls and women 13-18 years old in public hospitals.

Currently, there is a great lack of educational information available to the young women and they are often very fearful of the birth process and forced to labor in crowded hospital waiting rooms until they are 5 centimeters dilated. Once they reach this point, they are moved to a room where all of the women labor together and give birth side by side. The current regulations do not permit the laboring women from having any family members present, making doula support that much more necessary for their physical and emotional well-being.

Although there are many traditional midwives still present in Honduras, they are prevented from practicing by laws that seriously restrict their practice and are often not allowed to accompany their laboring mothers to the public hospital if a transfer becomes necessary. Dar a Luz creates a respectful environment and training program to support traditional midwives in getting the formal education they need for emergency situations through a midwife collaboration. In spite of being relatively dis-empowered, the traditional midwives offer wonderful, compassionate and intuitive care, often in rural locations where the nearest health center is inaccessible to poor women.  For more information about Dar a Luz, please visit their blog: http://darlaluzhonduras.wordpress.com/  The work they are doing is so important and we know Jenna’s presence will continue to support those in need.  Dar a Luz translation is “to give light,” which is the perfect phrase for supporting these women and families in Honduras.  

We are so thrilled to help support Jenna on her mission.  You can help support her efforts to by making a small contribution to her project or by spreading the word via social media.  http://www.gofundme.com/hellobabydoula