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On a Mission

Many of the families in our Inspired Family community enjoy supporting a great mission, cause or company, which is often why they often choose to shop locally or support companies with a cause.  While Baby He.ro is not local to the Philadelphia area, as their current business residence is in Hong Kong, they are certainly an inspiring company with an incredible mission that we wanted to put on your radar.  Nicole loves finding companies that are giving back, donating proceeds & making a significant mark on the world.  When she learned about Baby Hero through a family friend living in Hong Kong, she knew the Inspired Family community would love be hear about their mission. Baby Hero goes beyond the traditional proceed donation and has actually put together clean birth kits and infant survival kits that will go to mother’s in need in the developing world.  Samar Shaheryar & Alicia Wieser have built “an ethical company dedicated to making a difference in the lives of women and children in the developing world.”  


As Inspired Family co-founders Nicole & Lizzy know from experience, wonderful visions can become reality from playgroup conversations. Samar & Alicia’s vision began while discussing their passions and ambitions at a playgroup in 2012.  Their combined ambitions of creating a high quality, ethical product and funding innovations in maternal and infant health resulted in the formation of Baby Hero.  Baby Hero has created comfy, organic cotton onesies & toddler tees.  Their line is eco-friendly, fair trade certified and made with fair labor.  Baby Hero uses Assisi Garments as their product supplier, which employs underprivileged women and physically challenged people with disabilities.  Samar & Alicia have really covered all of their bases to make sure the product they are selling not only meets their ethical standards, but also meets global environmental and labor standards.

You can check out their products online at Baby He.ro to see which style you’re little one will be sporting.  For every item you purchase, Baby Hero will give a clean birth kit to a mother in need.  How incredible that your purchase will supply an expectant mother in the developing world an actual kit that could be life saving! They also include free shipping anywhere, so no need to worry about ordering internationally.  If your little one is too big for their product line, you can still support their mission by funding a birth kit.


Their clean birth kits include:

  1. Clean birth kit Comprised of 1 bar of soap, 1 clean plastic sheet, 1 sterilized razor blade, 1 string for the umbilical cord, 1 cord clamp, gloves, 1 maternity pad and set of pictorial instructions.
  2. Chlorhexidine lotion an antiseptic to keep the umbilical stump clean and sterile
  3. Sunflower emollient to maintain the integrity of baby’s skin to prevent infection and maintain body temperature
  4. Mylar baby blanket to prevent heat loss
  5. Thermospot stickers to monitor baby’s temperature 
  6. 1 click-to-heat warmer to keep infant warm

Dr. Shaun Morris has developed the neonatal kit, so that it is easy to distribute in rural areas with little access to medical care.  The kits are initially being distributed in Punjab, Pakistan, where Dr. Morris & Baby Hero hope to reduce maternal and infant mortality by 30-40%.



Simple and Essential Everyday Wear

The Baby Hero products themselves are exactly the kind of cozy, comfortable clothes that you want touching your child’s skin. Their onesies and tees are made from 100% organic cotton, and are perfect for everyday wear. As we mentioned, their products also carry fair trade and fair labor certifications, so you can feel good about the people and impact behind your purchase (and did we mention that they SHIP FREE ANYWHERE)! We were lucky to have Baby Hero send us a onesie to try out and now that Lizzy’s daughter Ellie fits into it, it has quickly become one of our favorite go-to pieces. It is SO SOFT (we wish they made mama clothes this soft), yet it has a durability that you don’t find in chain store clothes. It seems to be holding up beautifully in the wash too. We can’t wait to grab a few more for our baby #2s who are both due any day now… 😉 babyhero-76-2_large Product_Page_-_images16_large Product_Page_-_images13_large

We look forward to continuing to support Baby Hero in their amazing work, and hope you will join us!