Need assistance with how to find the right care for your little ones?  Marisa Piccarreto, who founded My Fabulous Mama in 2011, has some tips for you.  Marisa’s baby concierge services now include a new maternity and baby store, with a Parenting Center located at 1610 South Street in Philadelphia.

Label_logo_maternityandbabyNanny sourcing is one of the most popular services, at My Fabulous Mama. Guiding parents through the process of finding a nanny saves parents quite a bit of time and stress. The full service nanny sourcing services always begin with an initial consultation where they assess the family’s needs. The team then prescreens candidates, schedules interviews (typically back-to-back), provides on-site interviewing support, and assists with follow up, reference checks, employment verification and background checks.

My Fabulous Mama has put together 7 tips that are essential to finding a great nanny:

1.  Know what you are looking for in a caregiver. If this is the first time that you are looking for a nanny this step may take a while. Sit down and think about the qualities and background that may or may not be important to you and your family. Who is your ideal candidate? What qualities are dealbreakers? What is your budget, and is it realistic for the requirements or education that you are expecting?

2.  Prescreen! This is so important and will save you a lot of time if you have thought about exactly what you are looking for during Step 1. Prescreening should generally be done by phone or Skype and is a great opportunity to get an immediate vibe as to whether there may be a good fit. This call should only be a few minutes in length and it is important to make sure that the candidate meets all of the criteria that you are looking for – availability, expected length of employment, start date, education, experience, rate/salary, etc. Only schedule in person interviews for candidates after they can follow up with an emailed resume or work history. This buys you a little time and gives you a chance to speak with other candidates first. It also weeds out candidates who are not serious. A formal resume is not necessary but at minimum a nanny should be able to provide a list of work history and references.

3.  Ask open-ended questions. When a candidate starts talking and begins to feel comfortable you get to know a lot about that person. Asking the nanny open-ended questions about their family and interests helps them open up and may reveal either positive or negative qualities.

4.  Keep control of the conversation. Remember that you are interviewing and make sure that you are able to get clear answers to all of your questions. A big warning sign during prescreening or an in person interview is when a nanny is evasive or even argumentative. These people are often difficult to work with and may have difficulty following your wishes. Make sure to give the nanny time to ask questions as well.

5. Make sure that the match is mutually beneficial. This seems pretty obvious but many times a nanny or family may agree to terms that in the long term do not work for them. Be direct and make sure that scheduling and salary are mutually agreeable.


6.Give yourself enough time! The ideal lead time in actively looking for a nanny is 5-8 weeks in advance of your start date. If you have the flexibility to hire earlier than your ideal start date and begin care early then you can start further in advance.

7.  Do your due diligence.  Once you have found your ideal nanny, don’t neglect to make sure that everything matches up. Check references, verify employment and, if you choose, runbackground checks and clearances.