Reed Silk Studio

Long before we became adults, with lives filled to capacity with responsibilities, we had childhoods with long days full of nothing planned and so much to explore! When I think of childhood, I think of endless summer days playing pretend. We were fairies, witches, war heroes, moms, camp counselors, farmers, you name it – and we didn’t require a ton of “stuff” to enact our adventures. A few simple toys combined with treasures from nature could be used to create anything we needed to carry out our fantasies and adventures!


Now, as an adult, time quickly gets filled with all the ‘musts’. From office work to house work to the basic tasks of keeping children dressed and fed – life gets busy! I remember wanting so badly as a child to be “grown up” already. While I do very much enjoy being a grown up, I believe childhood is something we should not be so wont to leave behind. It doesn’t really have to be one or the other, does it? Shouldn’t we grow from our childhoods, keeping the best parts, and then adding all the good “grown up” stuff? I think so. It’s not as simple as it sounds, though.


Just as I take steps to inspire my children to be grown ups, my children inspire me to jump back into childhood! Some days I have to make a concerted effort to let them, it’s true. I have to free myself of the to-do list (and my iPhone) and let myself play. Once I do, it is amazing how my children and their imaginations can spark so much in my brain and renew my soul!

This is why I create playsilks – to inspire imagination and joy in children of all ages! These simple toys can be anything you want them to be and infuse endless amounts of creative play when paired with a little bit of free time. I encourage you to pick up a playsilk, free your schedule, and enjoy your childhood!


To inspire your playful journey, one lucky reader will win a 35in x 35in playsilk handmade by Reed Silk Studio in the color of their choice!