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One of the things I love about the holiday season is receiving thoughtful cards from friends and loved ones who want to share recent photos or tidbits about their year, and wish our family a wonderful holiday. After holiday displays come down though, what do you do with them all? I am not one to waste, especially photos of children and families that I love! So for the past 2 years I have created holiday card books for my daughter (now 16 months) to enjoy. She flips through them and enjoys looking at her family, friends, pets, snow people, snowy scenes, etc. I thought I would share a short tutorial for those interested in doing the same!



I started out making it similar to last year, with a hole punch, stack of cards, and 2 key chain rings.

holiday card book supplies

Then I changed my mind and decided to use red and white baker’s twine. Yes, I have a huge spool of it in my house. 😉

holiday card book supplies

The first step is to punch holes in the cards. I then created three “signatures” to break up the way the pages turn, and threaded the twine through the holes, knotting it at each signature.

When I was done with one side, I started on the other side, and then tied them together at the spine. Easy peasy.


Here is the finished product.


Here are both books (from last year and this year).


And here is my daughter enjoying one!